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On Extraterrestrial/Ultraterrestrial entities, both positive & negative

hmmm....not sure where to begin with this...

Well, I guess i'm curious as to what everyone's beliefs/views are on this whole 'ufo phenomena' and the 'alien abduction experience'.

I think i'll begin by attempting to cover some of my own most current thoughts on it, but please bear with me if i ramble, cus i'm pretty scatterbrained/lackofsleeped right now.... :)


At some time during the day yesterday, before we went to the beach, s channeled an entity....but the connection wasn't made through words this time- rather, this being took temporary control of her hands and she wrote much pertaining to our up-coming(at the time) night's trip/events.

I won't get into all the details of what was said, cus it's not really relevant to what i'm trying to get at here; but i need to say that in it was written: "dsb will need to focus his energies on ET's....He will need to keep his mind focused towards 2012..."

...and there was instructions for sarah and her sister amanda also, but i digress........

>>side note-aahhhhh caffeine...has it's merits sometimes!! :))<<<<

alrighty, as you guys know from natural's earlier post, we all felt quite ill. I found myself spending much time on the pot, and well let's let it suffice to say that it felt like i was meant to be there probably so that s and a could connect their own childhood memories and work on healing work, etc mainly for a since it was her very first dex trip.

So i being mee did my damdest to focus on the whole ufo phenomena and et enigma, and also all the so many channelings pertaining to beings from other star systems, and also some of what ambfus has said of late pertaining to this....

...i also have come to a strong realization of the probability that our current 'spirit guides' (as i have often called them), could in fact be 'extraterrestrial' in origin, maybe or maybe not originating in the same star-systems where some of ambfus's contacts originate from....

...also mind you, alot of what i now more and more increasingly am beginning to feel as a truth(for me at least, and right now only ;))....comes from much 'new age' literature and channeled information.

I certainly feel like we all here(as well as perhaps others we are all each close to in our own lives) very well might all have the same soul-origins... call us a ~soul~group if u will....

and i feel that at least my current guides, are quite likely of this same origin/thought flow; which would be why they feel so much like 'kin'....as do all of you, even after so little of real 'earth-time' hanging out, etc(well least in this life ;))....

i am beginning to feel that this 'mothership' craft i saw with my 2 cousins, uncle, aunt, dad in florida as a kid, was actually a manifestation of these higher beings of light.....coming through into the dense physical plane probably from a hyperspace as terence postulated....

....the thing that has always weirded me out though ever since i finally admited to myself that i in fact saw a 'ufo' and that i in fact was not 'crazy' or a weirdo or whathaveyou(roundbout when i was 21ish).....was the fact that (among others) a very distinct 'memory' had begun to seep into my conscious mind, pertaining to later that night....

ok not gonna go into details here, it'd take to long and u guys can use you're imaginations- but it'd fall into the classic ufo abduction experience category.

these beings that i recall(?) seeing that night, were more like your classic alien...w/ the big black, so firghteningly un-emotional eyes...they were tall(least to me- i was 9) greayish, and sorta floated across the room, rather than walked. I also distinctly remember at least one had a staff which either froze the physical body, and/or caused intense pain....

i have been troubled bout this off and on since this surfaced, and of course have read so much about it all. i am familiar of course with hypnosis, and with what is called 'false hypnosis' and i also am aware of 'sleep paralysis'....but to me, this was something much deeper than something that could be categorized and labeled away the way the scientific community would like it to be.

...so esp. since we started dexing last month, i for a time convinced myself that maybe these experiences with these entities of something, lesser than the true 'light'(which is Love)that maybe it was a more meta-physical contact experience, rather than a physical abduction.

but now, after reading some of what Ambfus remembered of the night before last(can't post a link- dont know how nor have the brainpower to try-- lol just check in me journal if curious)

...so now after last night, i feel that maybe they are in fact quite physical indeed. also, like others have said(streiber is the first that comes to mind at the mo.): since the origin of these beings is of a higher dimension than ours, the point of contact is always quite warped, and can have a very non-physical feel to it-- but that doesn't hafta mean that they don't have physical-bodies and physical -crafts(which could also go to and from here to hyperspace, etc.) ...

....especially since we ourselves(the future-humanity)are learning to/will develop more 'light-bodies'; one's which would be more able to travel to and fro this dimension and others!

Now, i definately feel a negative connotation to these others of course....but i think maybe some of the new-agers could be right:

maybe we are meant to sorta learn from eachother, us the highly emotional, yet often childlike humans, and them, the highly un-emotional, yet also very telepathic greys(or zetas as they've been called)...

...and perhaps at the upcoming 2012 catastrophy/metamorphasis/omega/alpha/timewavezero/whateva ...we will finally be able to allow both our species to evolve!

whew...dunno where exactly that all came from! i've been working on the whole channeling my higher self while typing thing, and i think i'm getting better, but apologese if something made no sense or for lenght...

but back to another note, i am looking forward to hearing you guys thoughts on this stuff, as we all are in essense quite 'equal' , and are all eachother's students, as well as eachother's students....

ok, gonna go join my sleeping beauty and nap meeself...

laterz all


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i emailed this post to cliff,
if he goes online, most times he
just checks his email, but I still
would like him to read this, he has
had some odd'alien like' experiences
while on dex, and off during the dex
hangover, which i'm sure he would like
to share with you.
About being in the bathroom. I notice that nearly everytime I partake of psychedelics/entheogens, I always hit the toilet, one end or the other... basically, it nearly always kicks in at that time. I end up sitting on the toilet for quite a while, just letting the visuals manifest themselves, and white has a thing about it, I think. The lighting and everything just sorta overtakes you(most bathrooms I've been in have been pretty white), and my trip becomes a reality. Perhaps it's the alone time.

The thought occurred to me just now about star-systems and origins, and as a theory. See, I have to admit, I'm quite a skeptic on a lot of things, but want to open myself up to new ideas and experiences(I wouldn't have started this community if I didn't want to learn), but thinking in terms of cosmology: As above, so below. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm, and such. If you think of Astrology being a map of the universe and how we "read" the stars to find our "fate", what about the internal level? If the star systems(and the entities we contact from them) are the representations or archetypes of our own psyche. The angels of yore, and the aliens of today are the same entities in some sense. Just like your sign supposedly(I'm a skeptic, remember... ;P) indicates your personality, then the star systems indicate aspects of personality that come through and you are contacting. This is not to say that they don't exist as an external source, but more like the internal and external are truly and intricately enmeshed as one. The bell-non-locality theorem and all...

If my interpretation(that's another thing I think is important is that we map it into our own reality... these experiences are valid and we must find ways to fit them into our schema and maybe modify our schema to assimilate and integrate new things) has any plausibility, it would make sense there is a similar thought-flow, for these entities are both you and separately, they communicate through and into you. I love the fact that we are all seekers. This is what caused me to leave xianity. I also said that Jesus said "Seek and ye shall find" had I decided to just believe in what I was taught as a child without seeking, how would I find?

oops lol i meant we are eachother's teachers, as well as students...

yeah i'm with you on the whole having to map it into our own realities...also, while the past may be quite unchangeable, the future is probably a more fluid sorta thingie, esp. considering our own burgeoning powers...
This is one thing I'm trying to integrate is the space-time manifold as a holographic reality. I'm reading the Divine Invasion by Philip K. Dick, and all I've gotta say is I LOVE the man! He is so right on in so many ways. He's speaking of the Torah as a holographic book that exists beyond time that God reads, the Eternal Law if you will. The story that I'm formulating in my head, a sort of fantasy novel, if you will(I call it Aevo), also deals with condensing levels of reality, and holographic oversouls and shit like that. I guess, sort of formulating a personal mythology. I have mixed thoughts on Platonic forms, but yet, I have a strong belief in Morphogenetic fields, which is similar. Anyways...

I don't have memories as such in regards to UFO's, but I do have some very real seeming memories of another time and place, and the strange thing I've come to realize in the past year is that it is essentially the buddha image. I remember sitting underneath a tree, shaded by a small stream flowing down a sort of hill/mountain side. Lush green grass all around me. I am alone, and content and still in this paradise. It's me yet isn't. I don't know what it is, exactly, but it's clear to me.

Let me post one last thing in the book I found interesting related to the soul/ufo connection from PKD:

"Thereupon he saw the Lower Realm-Not as a place- but as transparent pictures permutating at immense velocity. These pictures were the Forms outside of space being fed into the Lower Realm to become reality. He was one step away, now, from the Hermetic Transform.
He saw outside him the pattern, the print, of his own brain; he was within a world made up of his brain, with living information carried here and there like little rivers of shining red that were alive. He could reach out, therefore, and touch his own thoughts in their original nature, before they became thoughts. The room was filled with their fire, and immense spaces stretched out, the volume of his own brain external to him.
Meanwhile, he introjected the outer world so that he contained it within him. He now had the whole universe inside him and his own brain outside everywhere....."
The UFO is the soul exteriorized as Terence says. Seeing this passage made me think of that. The body shall be turned inward.

I have more I'd like to say(I never stop, really!) but I'm at work so I should actually do that.

Peace Love Light.
PKD is the man!!! I mean have you read "the world Jones made"? that book is byfar one of my all time favs. not too mention the obvious androids and electric sheep. although I feel that it was butchered in bladerunner, but that became something else to him. I wish they would make a movie based soley on do androids dream of electric sheep. but blade runner was an excellent movie though. anyways. I'm going to respond to all of this in a seperate reply. so that I don't mix up both of you guys. :)
ok D let me toss something your way...

dinosaurs not dying out

where would they go?

underground perhaps?

leaving false fossils behind to lead us down a blind alley and assume that they weren't the intelligent beings that they were. Here's what I'm getting at. A long time ago when I used to do meth, my friend kim and I were totally crystalled out, going on 3 days straight of nonsense and craziness. well on the third nite it came to us both at the same time. which makes me think that we are somewhat right. I've also found out more from shrooms and acid, but that's later. what I want to say is that the dino's never died out. in fact they only went underground for millions of years to refine their knowledge, we in fact are their crop. they pop up every few thousand years to check on us. this is where the aliens come in. in fact there may be aliens that visit us, but i believe that the real aliens are in fact these dinos. think of atlantis and egypt and all the great cultures that have flourished on earth. think of the deities they worshipped. what is there that is common? figure that out and you may see what i mean. i believe that the greys and reptilian aliens mentioned by so many abductees are both ancient dinos. our deepests oceans have yet to be fully explored. our deepest cave not yet found. i suggest that they still are there. hiding and waiting for 2012, so that they can finish their plan to repopulate the earth. you see this all ties into the reptilian connection with the masons and the old school illuminati. ancient secret societies on which all govt. is based on. for more proof just check out this guys site. http://WWW.DAVIDICKE.COM/ he's way out there but some of his stuff on reptiles ties into my own theories and my friends theories. how is it that there can be a consensus about this without even knowing? hmmmm there's so much more i want to go into but i feel like i should hold back, now is not the time, and besides i think that you need to uncover it yourself so that you can come to your on conclusion. i dont want to make you have a bias towards my own thoughts and theories.


peace bro
don't worry bout biasing me towards your ideas; cus i think we actually have/will have much the same viewpoints on many things...

i dunno where i've read it(since most of my info comes in through memes which are spread across the web, even more-so than through books)...but i have read some illuminati conspiracy stuff and so except for the dinasaurs not having perished idea, the rest i am at least a bit familiar with.

Something kinda interesting is, that as a kid, i always felt such an affinity to the dinasaurs, so much so that i wanted to be an archaologist! i even read many books about the fossils, etc.

so, maybe, just maybe at some deeper soul-level, i knew there was more that i wanted to understand about them...? hmm just a thought

ok s wants to get online so gonna go for now

you just might be onto something there, shit we both may be onto something, definitely need to meet up and discuss this in a more deeper level.
'you better get yourself a new boyfriend, he's got that UFO-kinda look in his eyes' ;)

anyhow, Denis...

after reading your post again, i triggered some more memories of last night and i wanna post it.
first i just gotta say this delerium 'euphoria' song is really fucking freaky, i don't know why i decided to listen to it, but it's way intense. we gotta burn it on a cd!

alright, when you were talking about your florida experience, i felt reconnected with the obe i had last night. I remembered that at the beginning of it, when i closed my eyes i was outside laying in the doghouse in west virginia (long story for those who dont know)... but anyhow, i was a kid again, i think about 6 and i saw through to the sky and there was a purple light blinking on and off. I saw a hand reaching towards me, trying to send me love... it was glowing and I tried reaching my hand out to grab it, but it was transparent and my hand went right thru it.

soon after that is when i felt like i was being dragged.

and also, interesting what you said about the spirit guides, how you just recently sort of considered them perhaps to be 'ets'... because i always thought that's what they were. i know we talked about the possibility of angels initially, but the et phenomenon still stuck in my head.
which also reminds me that we have to rent 'dark crystal' one of these days, that movie would be really cool to watch.

i know my thoughts are everywhere but this music is taking my head to odd places.

Hullo, I've just stumbled across this community, from a post you made in another defunct group. I just have to say, aside from your facinating tale, the part that made me spark and forced a reply was this:

"...so now after last night, i feel that maybe they are in fact quite physical indeed. also, like others have said(streiber is the first that comes to mind at the mo.): since the origin of these beings is of a higher dimension than ours, the point of contact is always quite warped, and can have a very non-physical feel to it-- but that doesn't hafta mean that they don't have physical-bodies and physical -crafts(which could also go to and from here to hyperspace, etc.) ...especially since we ourselves(the future-humanity)are learning to/will develop more 'light-bodies'; one's which would be more able to travel to and fro this dimension and others!"

As I understand this, matter is energy, just at a high level of vibration. And if these beings/concious thought's are able to transverse the dimensions, at will, they must have figured out enough to be able to transform (and maybe transform into) all kinds of 'physical' elements. I believe that such interactions are under the dominion of free will, and thought, and that we are capable of so very very much, for posessing these tools. The world can change in an instant, as it does every moment of existance.

Thanks for hearing me out. Great posts here, I must say.
greeting, gentle sherpa; and welcome to live journal...

boy, it's been a long time since i've looked through some of these old posts-- i can see how some(or many) people might see this and see me as quite a bit nuts-- least if their mind is closed that is...but i see that your is already open.

~~I believe that such interactions are under the dominion of free will, and thought, and that we are capable of so very very much, for posessing these tools

ahh yes, i couldn't agree more!

~~. The world can change in an instant...

and change, it does instant to instant. A sea of vibrational energy constantly creating and re-creating itself.

This community has been very dead over the past months; but with the return of a very important friend of ours, perhaps novelty will manifest itself by placing creative energy back into akashicdj.

namaste, kind sherpa

i dont know what youre talking about when you keep saying the year 2012, but its been found in many ruins (mayan, incan, olmec, et cetera) that the 5th sun is going to end in the year 2012, so basically..the end of the world. who knows, theyve been right with their other calendar calculations..
Yes, the fact that the mayan(who had a calendar more precise than our own today)calendar ends on winter solstice, 2012 is a large part of what i am talking about.
2012 is also what those who follow astrology call: 'the beginning of the age of Aquarius"...an age of peace, of love... (hence the term... new age(r's)...

Terence Mckenna (called the Timothy Leary of the 90's by Tim Leary himself) had come up with a mathematical formula, called the timewave theory. In short, it studies the ebbs and flows of 'novelty', and on and just before the winter solstice, of 2012, humanity will decend into an unprecidented level of novelty...

Think, hyperspacial breakthrough.

i would say more but i am short on time. I will be ading links on my info page in a couple of days, or you could search up 2012 or terence mckenna if you're still curious.

Also, this could be seen as the end of the world..if one wnats to see it through eyes of fear; but it can also be seen as a new beginning