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Saturday, January 11th, 2014
1:45 pm
Goodbye you pathetic piece of shit of a human being.

Ariel Sharon is dead.  After 8 years in a fucking coma.  They wasted all those goddamned resources on that scum for 8 years that could have been spent on someone way more deserving.  Say hi to Thatcher, Reagan, Pinochet, Falwell and more in hell for me, eh?

Drank too much last night, didn't get to sleep until like 3 am.  Slept in till shortly after noon.  Hangovery (more like tired and lack of mental energy/foggy rather than hardcore hangover)... 

Crazy ass dreams, though.  I liked it.  Apart from the bit about assholes who abused cats.  But they got killed by Sam and Dean Winchester and it turned out they were two forms of satan whose spirit forms were released from the dead bodies and then merged, and then they shot clean lines across that entity's throat and the head of that form dropped a nice satisfying thud on the ground (yes, I guess, gravity affects spirit forms LOL).

Lots of girls in my dream.  One was a libertarian and I got mad but decided, for the peace of the situation to just let politics slide, she was ok when we didn't discuss such things.  Rose had a migraine (as in real life) for a long time and was finally feeling better.  She came with to this house that had the aforementioned women.  And we hung out and then I left the room, came back and asked where she was and one of the girls said "downstairs"  I started to go down, and saw a bunch of shirtless dudes dancing, and realized it was a gay dance club.  LOL, then just stayed up by the ladies I was very comfortable with.  It was a very spiritually fulfilling experience LOL...  Very comfortable and nice energies for the most part.  Then at one point one girl who was hitting on me a lot (they all were in some way, but one in particular) asked if I wanted to go have sex upstairs, so we did, and she said something about "not taking pictures" and I was like, "Uh, yeah?"  and then I was worried that maybe she wasn't worried about me taking pictures, but was letting me know she was going to be taking pics, which kinda startled me.  It wasn't actual full on sex, but it was fun LOL...

Then later, there was a nintendo DS game that some people were playing and then later I woke up and back to sleep and was at the house I grew up in, and was trying to remember some of their names and my mom said "Rhonda" was one, but it was actually spelled "Rhyanda"... That wasn't the girl I slept with though.  Just one of the girls there, but one I got along with quite well.  One of the "main characters" as it were.  My hope was to find them on Facebook and friend them...

There was a bit more stuff here and there, but in general that's the main point.  Oh, at one point someone talked about the one girl I slept with and was like "She's crazy!"  HOOOOOOOOOBOY that certainly was saying something about my subconscious lately.  Oh, and there was one guy that came in dressed like Santa, and he seemed to know me, and I was looking for renwick in the dream earlier, but I'm like "You're not Renwick" and he was like "no... I know you via (some weird 3 or 4 degrees of separation) on facebook" and I was like, "oh" a bit disappointed. 
Wednesday, February 6th, 2002
11:28 am
a lot of emotional turbulence lately
i don't know about ya'll
but i have been crying my eyes
out when alone. and the crying
seems different, more animalesq
with lots of gutteral cries and

it was weird, at this one point i was
building up a horrific seepingly anguished
sad scream and it started lower than i
normally hear my voice and then reached a
point of medium high strength of tone
and sound that it did that vibrato
by itself, like those opera singers do,
that ah ah loopy sound..heh i know i'm nuts
but it was weird. it was awful though,
i felt like so much was coming out of
my opened mouth, it reminded me of that
poster i have in my hallway upstairs,
that one based on the painting of
that one dude, herbert or munster
or sometihng...i think it is called 'the scream'
..has all these cool lines instead
of solid painted colors and the
curvy smooth ghost looking guy's mouth
is way open yet the surroundings are
normal and the painting is silent.

it is okay to scream and cry i think,
why are tantrums just for kids? if we
can tantrum, then there is a reason
why we can, and it does feel good eventually,
just tiring...whew.

i miss you guys, been trying to allot more
online time for cliff in the evenings and
during the day working on 'project dad'.
hey dave, tell rosemary i said hi and that
she is in my thoughts, not sure why but she


Current Mood: tired
Friday, February 1st, 2002
3:13 pm
THIS is the s p a c e a g e

the age b e y o n d the Earth Age

a different direction

b e y o n d the gravitations
of the past

THIS is the s p a c e a g e

this disguised TWIN of TOMORROW

striking upon
the Earth with
relentless power like a perpetual whip.

this IS the s p a c e a g e...

Prepare for the journey!

Y O U have a rendezvous
with the
Living Wisdom
of the Unadulterated Fate.

Prepare for the journey!

Like a happy child
you will s t e p o u t of the pages
of the
Blinding Blend of the Book,
and g a z e a s t o u n d e d

at the E N D L E S S S P A C E of the COSMO-VOID.

Your new course is the Cosmic Way...

Your new vehicle is the Cosmic Plane;

You are to reach /
the Omni-Cosmo Way

You will learn to journey with courage...

with Fiery Aim to Find

the even greater day
of the
even greater tomorrow.

The C O S M O - T I M E L E S S Realm
of the Omni-Evolution-Immortalic Day.

-Sun Ra
Thursday, January 31st, 2002
3:23 pm
pandrax told me about this and looks really interesting. I'm thinking about going. anyone else?

Wednesday, January 30th, 2002
8:47 am
hey guys

Been meaning to list the books,
i'm pretty much done buying any except for
a few i have saved on amazon and two more
books on hold at work, then no more!

okay here goes:


'eye scream'
henry rollins

'punk zombies'
kenneth hister

'steal this book'
abbie hoffman

'on the road'
jack kerouac

metaphysical etc.

'the secret of shambhala'
james redfield

'self hypnosis
and other mind expanding techniques'
charles tebbetts

'preparing for contact a
metamorphosis of consciousness'
lyssa royal & keith priest

'channeling what it is and
how to do it'
lita de alberdi

'how to see and read the aura'
ted andrews

'astral dynamics'
robert bruce

'astral projection'
denning & phillips

'leaving the body'
d. scott rogo

'out of body experiences'
robert peterson

'numerology magic'
richard webster


'be here now'
dr. richard alpert/baba ram dass

'zen mind beginners mind'
shunryu suzuki


'living with kundalini'
gopi krishna

'eros consiousness and kundalini'
stuart sovatsky phd


'the holographic universe'
michael talbot

'the self aware universe'
amit goswami phd

'the dreaming universe'
fred alan wolf phd

'the living energy universe'
gary schwartz phd
linda russek phd

'visions, how science will revolutionize
the 21st century'
michio kaku phd

'jung on active imagination'
edited by joan chodorow

'einstein's universe'

'black holes and baby universes'
stephen hawking

'a brief history of time'
stephen hawking


'the politics of consciousness'

new edge

'The void'

'nothing in this book is true,
but it's exactly how things are'
bob frissell

'something in this book is true...'
bob frissell

chemical keys

'the teachings of don juan'
carlos castaneda

'the magical and ritual use of herbs'
richard alan miller

'DMT the spirit molecule'
rick strassman, m.d.

'pihkal, a chemical love story'
alexander shulgin & ann shulgin

psychedelic priest shamans

'the psychedelic reader, classic selections
from the revolutionary 1960's forum
of psychopharmacological substances'
timothy leary phd
ralph metzner phd
gunther m. weil

'the unfolding self,varieties of
transformative experiences'
ralph metzner

'the invisible landscape
mind hallucinogens and the
I ching'
terence mckenna
dennis mckenna

'chaos creativity and cosmic consciousness'
rupert sheldrake phd
terence mckenna
ralph abraham phd

'true hallucinations'
terence mckenna

'high priest'
tim leary phd

'turn on tune in drop out'
tim leary

'the psychedelic experience, a manual based
on the tibetan book of the dead'
tim leary, ralph metzner, richard alpert

'the delicious grace of moving one's hand'
tim leary

'psychedelic prayers'
tim leary

'the politics of ecstasy'
tim leary

'the politics of self determination'
tim leary

'change your brain'
tim leary

'your brain is god'
tim leary


Current Mood: open
Saturday, January 26th, 2002
11:19 am
been reading up on terence Mckenna's Timewave Theory.

While the dude that wrote the information on the page obviously still has some personal soul searching to do regarding the nature of reality and the future, he does give some interesting information on the whole timewave zero concept, and how it works, in case anyone's curious and/or hasdn't read it yet.


below is an excerpt i thought interesting:

"As it stands, the Timewave's predictions for the run-up to 2012 are staggering. Comparing our own age in fig. 7 to the other graphs, we can see that the start of the 90s resonates with the emergence of life onto land 400 million years ago, and the hominids' debut 4 million years ago. And we've just entered a 5 year period that resonates directly with the Human Revolution (fig. 5), when sea-faring and art first crystallized. Furthermore, McKenna states that, due to the acceleration of novelty's ingression, about half of the total evolution of our 72-plus-billion-year old universe will occur in the last 0.3 seconds before 6.00am on 21/12/2012! If we take the formation of the cosmos, the rise of life, or the discovery of language as examples of key 'barriers' that universal evolution passes through, McKenna's calculations tell us that thirteen such barriers will be passed in the last 0.0075 seconds!!"


Current Mood: indescribable

Sunday, January 20th, 2002
6:57 am

so last night D & I got the vibe that Karma (our cat) is perhaps, an alien.
Ever since we brought her home from the pound she's had this weird affinity for electromagnetic energy. She jumps on the desk and goes to sleep against the computer. We have a bedside light that she spends hours under. Last night she slept on our stereo, directly on top of it.
You can almost see it in her eyes.

Denis put it best though when he said that 'perhaps she's here to feel what it's like to be a human, what it's like to feel love'....

Current Mood: tripping
Friday, January 19th, 2001
9:31 pm
Anybody wonder what the Timewave calendar shows for 9-11-01? If there was a dramatic increase in novelty or what... I think it would be interesting to see, but have no clue where to turn for such info...
Friday, January 18th, 2002
12:38 pm
I'm taking a journey this weekend to clear my mind

a trip to the mountains

a nice rural retreat

to treat my senses

and my mind.

I hope you all have stellar weekends!

one love
Wednesday, January 16th, 2002
10:04 am
On Extraterrestrial/Ultraterrestrial entities, both positive & negative
hmmm....not sure where to begin with this...

Well, I guess i'm curious as to what everyone's beliefs/views are on this whole 'ufo phenomena' and the 'alien abduction experience'.

I think i'll begin by attempting to cover some of my own most current thoughts on it, but please bear with me if i ramble, cus i'm pretty scatterbrained/lackofsleeped right now.... :)


At some time during the day yesterday, before we went to the beach, s channeled an entity....but the connection wasn't made through words this time- rather, this being took temporary control of her hands and she wrote much pertaining to our up-coming(at the time) night's trip/events.

I won't get into all the details of what was said, cus it's not really relevant to what i'm trying to get at here; but i need to say that in it was written: "dsb will need to focus his energies on ET's....He will need to keep his mind focused towards 2012..."

...and there was instructions for sarah and her sister amanda also, but i digress........

>>side note-aahhhhh caffeine...has it's merits sometimes!! :))<<<<

alrighty, as you guys know from natural's earlier post, we all felt quite ill. I found myself spending much time on the pot, and well let's let it suffice to say that it felt like i was meant to be there probably so that s and a could connect their own childhood memories and work on healing work, etc mainly for a since it was her very first dex trip.

So i being mee did my damdest to focus on the whole ufo phenomena and et enigma, and also all the so many channelings pertaining to beings from other star systems, and also some of what ambfus has said of late pertaining to this....

...i also have come to a strong realization of the probability that our current 'spirit guides' (as i have often called them), could in fact be 'extraterrestrial' in origin, maybe or maybe not originating in the same star-systems where some of ambfus's contacts originate from....

...also mind you, alot of what i now more and more increasingly am beginning to feel as a truth(for me at least, and right now only ;))....comes from much 'new age' literature and channeled information.

I certainly feel like we all here(as well as perhaps others we are all each close to in our own lives) very well might all have the same soul-origins... call us a ~soul~group if u will....

and i feel that at least my current guides, are quite likely of this same origin/thought flow; which would be why they feel so much like 'kin'....as do all of you, even after so little of real 'earth-time' hanging out, etc(well least in this life ;))....

i am beginning to feel that this 'mothership' craft i saw with my 2 cousins, uncle, aunt, dad in florida as a kid, was actually a manifestation of these higher beings of light.....coming through into the dense physical plane probably from a hyperspace as terence postulated....

....the thing that has always weirded me out though ever since i finally admited to myself that i in fact saw a 'ufo' and that i in fact was not 'crazy' or a weirdo or whathaveyou(roundbout when i was 21ish).....was the fact that (among others) a very distinct 'memory' had begun to seep into my conscious mind, pertaining to later that night....

ok not gonna go into details here, it'd take to long and u guys can use you're imaginations- but it'd fall into the classic ufo abduction experience category.

these beings that i recall(?) seeing that night, were more like your classic alien...w/ the big black, so firghteningly un-emotional eyes...they were tall(least to me- i was 9) greayish, and sorta floated across the room, rather than walked. I also distinctly remember at least one had a staff which either froze the physical body, and/or caused intense pain....

i have been troubled bout this off and on since this surfaced, and of course have read so much about it all. i am familiar of course with hypnosis, and with what is called 'false hypnosis' and i also am aware of 'sleep paralysis'....but to me, this was something much deeper than something that could be categorized and labeled away the way the scientific community would like it to be.

...so esp. since we started dexing last month, i for a time convinced myself that maybe these experiences with these entities of something, lesser than the true 'light'(which is Love)that maybe it was a more meta-physical contact experience, rather than a physical abduction.

but now, after reading some of what Ambfus remembered of the night before last(can't post a link- dont know how nor have the brainpower to try-- lol just check in me journal if curious)

...so now after last night, i feel that maybe they are in fact quite physical indeed. also, like others have said(streiber is the first that comes to mind at the mo.): since the origin of these beings is of a higher dimension than ours, the point of contact is always quite warped, and can have a very non-physical feel to it-- but that doesn't hafta mean that they don't have physical-bodies and physical -crafts(which could also go to and from here to hyperspace, etc.) ...

....especially since we ourselves(the future-humanity)are learning to/will develop more 'light-bodies'; one's which would be more able to travel to and fro this dimension and others!

Now, i definately feel a negative connotation to these others of course....but i think maybe some of the new-agers could be right:

maybe we are meant to sorta learn from eachother, us the highly emotional, yet often childlike humans, and them, the highly un-emotional, yet also very telepathic greys(or zetas as they've been called)...

...and perhaps at the upcoming 2012 catastrophy/metamorphasis/omega/alpha/timewavezero/whateva ...we will finally be able to allow both our species to evolve!

whew...dunno where exactly that all came from! i've been working on the whole channeling my higher self while typing thing, and i think i'm getting better, but apologese if something made no sense or for lenght...

but back to another note, i am looking forward to hearing you guys thoughts on this stuff, as we all are in essense quite 'equal' , and are all eachother's students, as well as eachother's students....

ok, gonna go join my sleeping beauty and nap meeself...

laterz all


8:15 am

last night was pretty intense. I took a 500 mg dose, Denis took like 460-500 and Manda did about 350.

After ingesting, we all felt pretty sick initially. Everyone had just gotten over some sort of a sickness (?) and we were still a little queasy.
About 20 minutes after D ingested, he threw up, ALL the syrup... only leaving a small amount behind in his bloodstream.

Manda was pretty much sick to her stomach the entire night, she never threw-up, but she felt nauseous. Denis was too, I think they both spent like 10 hours in the bathroom each. =)

but although they were feeling this sickness, there was also much love energy flowing through the room last night. I think the trip was really good for Manda and she talked a whole fucking lot. She probably reached a mid/high 2p...

I threw up about an hour and a half into the trip, where as unlike denis, the dex had already entered my bloodstream and i was tripping pretty hard.

at times during the night, whenever i would stand on my feet, i felt very light-footed which i identified as being an 'elf'...
i really felt like legolas in 'lord of the rings' at one point to, i felt as if i understood his character...


It's hard to remember everything, but I have a very distinct memory of an obe. I think it happened about the time I peaked, it was really intense. I closed my eyes and at first I saw ambientfusion and he was surrounded by this green-fiery type of substance. Then the scenery changed and I was inside a house, I could feel me being dragged out of my body, someone had taken hold of my ankle. I felt the separation and there was really no fear. I think for the most part I just felt curiosity. The person dragging me took me to their house; we were inside and there was about 20 spotlights set up inside the house and they were examining me. Obviously, this could easily be referred to as a 'spaceship'
and although my 'physical body' never left, my soul body certainly did.
i felt ambientfusion many times throughout the night, whenever i closed my eyes, it seemed like i could call him if i needed to. Each time i saw him, he was represented on a computer screen of some sort, halfway between a flat screen-tv and a monitor.

denis also felt him at one point strongly. He thinks he contacted him when he was feeling the worst (physically) and he explained to him his situation and felt calming energy in response.

also at one point denis thinks he had a remote viewing experience when contacting M; he could 'see' his eyes, but they weren't the outside of his eyes, or else his physical eyes. Perhaps they were his eyes from the inside of his mind; or maybe his eyes on a higher plain. (?)

also ever since denis threw up, he feels as if it somehow 'purged' him in differing ways; he feels like his illness(?) is gone now.

at one point during the night, i had also almost convinced myself that i had schizophrenia; i didn't voice this concern to either of them because i was thinking it was a conspiracy. lol

i kept going over the idea in my head though and what my escape plan would be if i got taken to a hospital. heh.

a large part of my experience I spent feeling like a little lonely puppy dog because i wanted someone to be with me (physically on the same plateau) but nobody was and so i invented people in my head to talk to. that's probably where the schizophrenia idea came from.

overall though, i'm thankful for the experience, i think it will be our last trip for a while and we're gonna try to learn as much as we can from it.

not exactly sure how much manda remembers, (still asleep)... but will talk with her later.

still feeling like i'm buzzing this morn'. have a lot to think about, much to ponder.
denis has much to share regarding ET's, but he'll post again.

well, got the lovely brain-ache so maybe i'll lay down for a bit again...
hope everyone is well.

s & D

Current Mood: trippy
Tuesday, January 15th, 2002
12:16 am
So, ok, here's what I'm thinking about lately and what I'm really thinking would be nice to work on...

Dreams and Astral Projection.

I don't usually remember my dreams, but I go through periods of time where i do. I'm thinking of keeping a dream journal to help me remember and also to help me work on Lucid Dreams.

But I've never astral projected. I've been trying to use my imagination more. I have to say that when I read, I'm a very literal reader, meaning that I don't really visualize that well(which is why I don't really read much fiction)... But I think that by trying to visualize what I read will help in the long run both with my own imagination and also for dreams and astral travelling. I guess one thing I'd like to learn from everyone is techniques and ideas on how to do this work...


I've noticed that lately I've had some very wonderful moments of peace, stillness, non-attachment... Well, last week at least... I'm still having moments like this, but not as intense. I'm trying to be less attached to these emotions, while still appreciating that I feel them.

So, uh... yeah. Any thoughts?
Monday, January 14th, 2002
6:58 am
hey! our hang out looks wonderful dave! :)

As far as discussions, I was wondering if there
were any pressing issues/ideas that have gripped any
of your minds as of late. Perhaps we can
see what is on everyone's plate and then take
it from there.


Sunday, January 13th, 2002
10:34 pm
I'm in, you might want to think about asking natural_mystic and her boy tomorrow_landed to join in . Some cool psychonauts down my way. :)

and now for my trivia.

Who coined the term psychedelic?

if anyone can get this right you are beyond the un-norm.
9:02 pm
Welcome kids to the Akashic Record Spinners community. I hope you can read this. You means, Ambientfusion, Ionic, Keymyek, Renwick, Suki Blue and myself, Symbioid. I hope this works... I know some of you I have sort of volunteered without hearing from you, but hopefully you respond. This is the first time that I've really done this(started a community), so I don't know what I'm doing. Hopefully this works.
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